Trinket and her litter-mates turned three last Friday so I’d like to share some pictures of the family.

First row: Sierra (Mama) and Hadley (Papa)

Second: Mochi, Fiona, Mr. Wiggins, Wiggles, Buddy, Koosas, and Trinket

Third: Mochi and Fiona, the two tri-colors

Fourth: Mr. Wiggins and Wiggles

Last: Buddy aka Buster and Trinket


  • Four males and Three females.
  • Only three puppies remained when we contacted the breeder: Buddy, Koosas, and Trinket. We wanted a girl so we chose the runt.
  • Our breeder noticed that Sierra was sitting on one of the newly born puppies and the puppy was barely breathing. Guess who? It was Trinket! Luckily, she survived after our breeder gave her emergency CPR. She’s all grown up now, happy and healthy. We are so thankful to have her with us.
  • Hadley lives in San Diego and Sierra passed away last year.
  • No pictures of adult Koosas
  • Mr. Wiggins and Wiggles live with breeders.
  • Buddy reminds me of Gatsby and Trinket!
  • Wiggles is due for puppies on Christmas Day!
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