Here are Trinket’s X-rays for your viewing pleasure. She does not have bladder stones. We couldn’t wait until next week and we were worried about her health (her mom passed away from multiple bladder stones and ruptured), so we had the X-rays done today. She will be reexamined in two weeks to check for crystals and pH level.

Also, here are her measurements:

Legs: 6.5’”

Height (ground to withers): 11.5-12”

Length (chest to tail): 20”

Weight: 26lbs

  1. emmathebean said: Glad there was no stones!
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    I am an x-ray tech and I just loved this opportunity to see a Corgi x-ray. And that Trinket did not have bladder stones.
  4. iothecorgi said: So happy she doesn’t have stones. Trinket is even cute on the inside!
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